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Going the extra mile with HPPR

HPPR works to go the extra mile for you, all year long. By operating a network of 18 stations HPPR is able to serve you in your community and in your travels across the High Plains region. There are real costs to power and maintain this network, expenses that are far higher per capita than an urban public radio station reaching millions of people with a single transmitter. For example:

  • KTOT 89.5 FM serving the northwest TX Panhandle costs 51 times more in per capita operating expenses than the Dallas-Fort Worth public radio station.
  • KZNK 90.1 FM serving northwest Kansas costs about 48 times more for each person reached that the Denver public radio station.
  • KJJP 105.7 FM serving the Amarilla area costs 18x more per capita than if it were located in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.
  • KANZ 91.1 FM serving more people in southwest Kansas costs still costs 16 times more per person reached than if it were located in Kansas City

We hope you’ll take a moment before the end of year to go the extra mile in supporting HPPR and the costs of its service to you and your community. Just click here or on DONATE button above.

Your end of year contribution will go to pay the direct costs of operating the transmitter serving your community as well as others you may listen to when driving in the region. Each of HPPR’s 18 transmitters has fixed operating costs for power, tower rent, maintenance and insurance. We’ve worked to keep these expenses down through efficient installation designs and equipment selection. At a few sites we’ve also managed to have tower rent or utility costs donated. But in most cases, there are monthly bills to be paid, which can be substantial. For example, utility costs can run $20-27,000 a year for our high-power stations like KTOT, KANZ, KZNK and KZNA. Tower rent is $30,000 annually for KJJP and $22,000 for 94.9 HPPR Connect in Amarillo.

In considering your contribution, keep in mind everyone who will benefit in the coming year. There’s certainly yourself in terms of the many hours and miles of listening you’ll be supporting. There’s also your community that will benefit by having this educational, cultural and civic service available to everyone, regardless of means. And there may even be those who are just driving through the area, tune into HPPR, and come away impressed by the availability of public radio across the region and with the support for that service provided by residents like you.

You contribution now will also help us reach our year-end-giving campaign goal of raising $115,000 in individual support by December 31st, so we will have the funds needed to cover the costs of our “going the extra mile” in serving you wherever you reside on the High Plains. Thank you!