How Will a Trump Administration Govern Rural Schools?

Nov 14, 2016

Credit RJ Sangosti / The Denver Post

Ever since the George W. Bush administration, the nation’s schools have been governed by strict federal laws. Now High Plains educators are wondering what exactly Donald Trump’s election will mean for rural schools.

No one’s sure exactly, though as Chalkbeat reports, leaders hoping for more control over public schools may get their wish.

Trump didn’t say much about education during the election, but he did drop a few hints about his ideas. “Education has to be at a local level,” he has said, adding: “We cannot have the bureaucrats in Washington telling you how to manage your child’s education.”  

Kerrie Dallman is president of the Colorado Education Association. She said her union’s teachers are uncertain if education will emerge as a priority during Trump’s tenure.

Kirk Banghart is the superintendent of Colorado’s rural Moffat school district. He and his fellow rural superintendents regularly call for more autonomy. Banghart said he’s taking a “wait-and-see approach.”