Kansas Artist Recreates a Masterpiece on a Grand Scale

Oct 5, 2015

If you’re traveling to Minneapolis by plane any time soon, don’t forget to look out the window. As reported by inhabitat.com, Kansas artist Stan Herd has recreated Vincent van Gogh’s Olive Trees painting on a massive scale in a Minnesota farm field. The artist used native plants to create the image, and the result covers an area of 1.2 acres. Stan Herd was born in 1950 in Protection, Kansas, and he still calls Kansas home. He creates his art by planting, mowing, and sometimes burning, or plowing the land. Herd’s work is sometimes called living sculpture, and he is associated with the Prairie Renaissance movement. Olive Trees was commissioned by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for their 100th anniversary celebration. For the project, Herd began planting in the springtime. He carefully selected everything from the mulch to the types of plants needed to create the desired image.

Stan Herd, Of Us and Art: The 100 Videos Project, Episode 30 from Minneapolis Institute of Art on Vimeo.