Kansas High Court Rejects New School Funding Plan

Jul 6, 2016

Credit Chris Neal / Topeka Capital-Journal

The Kansas school funding saga continues. In February, the state Supreme Court ruled that funding to poor school districts be increased by June 30th. If legislators failed to fix the funding, said the court, the state public school system would be shut down. On Friday, the court reviewed lawmakers’ latest funding plan and still determined it to be unconstitutional. The court gave lawmakers one more chance, reaffirming the June 30 deadline for the state to fix the problem.

Republican leaders blasted the court’s decision, reports The Kansas City Star. Lawmakers in Topeka accused the high court of interfering with the Legislature’s authority, and politicizing the issue. The court apparently anticipated the GOP’s criticism. In their decision, the judges put responsibility for keeping the schools open squarely on the Legislature.

Governor Brownback responded forcefully, saying: “The court is engaging in political brinksmanship.”