Oklahoma Democrats Victorious in Two Special Elections

Jul 13, 2017

Credit DonkeyHotey / Flickr Creative Commons

Oklahoma Democrats had a couple of big wins this week, as they flipped two Republican seats blue.

As The Oklahoman reports, Democrats won two special elections for state congressional seats on Tuesday night. Both seats had been vacated after Republican lawmakers stepped down amid scandal. In Senate District 44, Democrat Michael Brooks defeated Republican Joe Griffin. And in House District 75, Democrat Karen Gaddis beat the GOP’s candidate, Tressa Nunley.

Republican strategist Pat McFerron cautioned not to read the elections as a sign of a wider blue trend. He noted that both of these seats were left open due to Republican sex scandals, and “any vacancy caused by a scandal makes it very difficult on the incumbent party.”

Oklahoma Democratic Chair Anna Langthorn, who recently burst onto the Oklahoma political scene at the age of 24, said she’s “over the moon” about the wins.