Parents and Teachers Rally in Topeka Against Public School Legislation

Mar 14, 2016

Credit Kansas City Star

Parents and teachers descended on the Kansas capitol in Topeka this week in support of Kansas public schools, reports The Kansas City Star. “Make no mistake about it, public education is under attack in Kansas,” Rep. Don Hineman, a moderate Republican, told the crowd. Sen. Laura Kelly, a Democrat of Topeka, encouraged participants to talk to their legislators and to vote in the 2016 elections. Kelly said the loss of so many moderate Republicans in the 2012 election took its toll on support for public schools.

Since the wave of far-right GOP lawmakers were swept into power four years ago, Kansas has seen a plethora of bills that would remove control at the local level and centralize power in Topeka.

Lawmakers say the legislation is meant to cut costs. But the parents and teachers at the rally say it’s all about power. All Kansas state senators and representatives are up for election this year.