This pear tree is making enemies in Oklahoma

Mar 8, 2017

Credit Steve Sisney / The Oklahoman

Oklahoma has yet another invasive species that’s causing headaches in the state, alongside feral hogs and eastern red cedar. As NewsOK reports, the Bradford pear tree was once confined to front lawns and mall parking lots, but now the tree has broken free and is spreading out into open prairie land.

The tree began to move into unwanted areas 10 years ago. Now the Oklahoma Invasive Plant Council has put the Bradford pear on its invasive species watchlist.

The Bradford is known for its sour-smelling flowers and brittle branches. It’s also believed to be responsible for a lot of allergy headaches in the Sooner State, though experts say cedar and other wind-borne pollen producers are the more likely allergy culprits.

Kelly Marcum, co-owner of a Nursery in Oklahoma City, thinks the Bradford’s bad reputation is undeserved.

“It's a great tree in a lot of ways,” Marcum said.