Pharmacalogical Researcher Pens Her Own Mysteries

Mar 13, 2019

Credit Nina Blakeman

Listen each Wednesday, March 13 through April 3 to hear Tulia, Texas’ Nina Blakeman explore the life of an author of crime novels, including her own series. Radio Readers BookBytes are heard at 7:45 a.m. during Morning Edition and again at 6:44 p.m. during All Things Considered.

Nina Blakeman had a career as a nurse prior to obtaining a Ph.D in Pharmacology from Texas Tech’s Health Sciences Center. An experienced professional, her diverse career history covers work as a writer, nurse, educator, and administrator. Blakeman is an avid golfer and devoted fan of the Green Bay Packers. She lives in rural West Texas with her husband and their three dogs: Lambeau, Goobie and Diego.

Nina Blakeman’s Mystery Series

The Blow-up Man

Envy Rots the Bones