President Trump Sparks Feud Between Texas and California

Jul 3, 2017


The feud between Texas and California is growing more heated, and the flames of resentment are being fueled by the President, reports POLITICO. The states have locked horns on matters ranging from tax policy to climate change to immigration policy. California recently instituted a ban on state-sponsored travel to Texas.

Since Donald Trump’s election, California has positioned itself as perhaps the most fervent opponent of the President’s agenda. The Golden State was the largest source of electoral votes for Hillary Clinton last November, while Texas provided the biggest electoral bonanza for Trump.

The gap between the nation’s two most populous states has only widened since the election.

California has enclosed a protective barrier around itself, staunchly refusing to let the White House interfere in its operations. Meanwhile, Texas is welcoming Federal officials into the Lone Star State to help deport undocumented immigrants.