Prowers County, Colorado economic officials discuss tax-related benefits of legalizing sale of pot

Jun 14, 2017

Credit CC0 Public Domain

Marijuana operations are currently prohibited in Prowers County, Colorado, but members of a local economic board recently discussed the dramatic tax growth other Colorado communities have seen from the sale of marijuana in their towns.

As the Prowers Journal reports, an ordinance in Prowers County, passed by the county commission in 2012, states that other than for certified medical usage, marijuana cannot be sold or grown in the county and prohibits its possession in the county for purposes other than legal, medical use.

But several members of the Prowers Economic Prosperity board earlier this month discussed the growth in taxes that the sale of marijuana has brought to other Colorado communities

Dr. Linda Lujan, president of Lamar Community College, suggested a public town hall meeting to discuss the pros and cons of allowing marijuana sales, saying “it’s an emotionally driven issue and we all have our opinions, but we need to hear from experts.”