Thornberry Votes Against Hurricane Harvey Relief

Sep 10, 2017

Mac speaks after the House passed the 3rd National Defense Authorization Act under his chairmanship in the House Armed Services Committee.

United States Congressman Mac Thornberry, who represents the Texas Panhandle, was one of four Texas lawmakers who voted against sending billions in relief funding to those suffering in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

None of the Texas lawmakers who opposed the bill represented coastal regions.

As The Texas Tribune reports, the House approved the $15 billion in aid to support the hurricane relief effort.

In the other chamber, a similar relief measure passed, with both Texas Senators—Ted Cruz and John Cornyn—voting for the bill. While support for hurricane aid was split among Republicans, all Texas Democrats voted for the funding.

In a statement, Thornberry wrote: “Disaster assistance should be considered on its own—not to advance another agenda.” Congressman Thornberry said he was opposed to short-term funding measures that he said might harm the military. Thornberry is the chairman of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee.