Wind Power Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels? Almost, but Not Yet

Jan 28, 2016

Credit Wikipedia / Creative Commons

Wind power is now cheaper than dirtier, conventional power.” The implication is that wind energy is now cheaper than coal and gas power nationwide. But that’s not exactly right, reports The Rural Blog. In most of the nation, traditional power sources are still cheaper, if only slightly.

But Obama was right to mention Iowa and Texas. In those states, wind power is in fact cheaper. That’s due in large part to the sheer windiness of the two states. Developers there are finding ways to take greater advantage of the strong winds with newer, larger wind turbines.

But Obama’s statement will most likely soon hold true. Fossil fuel costs are rising, while wind costs are lowering. If the price trends continue, wind power will be cheaper than fossil fuel energy in the next 10 years—even without government subsidies.