World's Top Turbine Manufacturer Coming to Texas

May 20, 2016

Credit fieldsbh / Flickr Creative Commons

The world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer is coming to Texas, reports China-based Goldwind is planning to establish what will be its largest wind farm in the US, and has chosen the Lone Star State as the location.

Goldwind is growing rapidly. The company just surpassed Denmark’s Vestas Wind Systems as the world’s top wind turbine supplier. Germany’s Siemens and General Electric round out the top four wind companies. The Chinese organization bought the developing Rattlesnake Wind Project from a UK company for an undisclosed sum. The site is 125 miles northwest of Austin.

Goldwind appears to be interested in spreading its operation further throughout Texas. For years Texas has led the nation in wind power by a good margin. In fact, Texas is drawing so much wind energy lately that the state’s grid routinely sees negative power prices overnight when there’s little demand for electricity.