Finney County removed from sanctuary county list

Feb 14, 2017

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Finney County Kansas has been removed from a list categorizing it as a sanctuary county

As the Garden City Telegram reports, the Center for Immigration Studies has officially removed Finney County from its list of sanctuary territories after a concerted effort by Sheriff Kevin Bascue and County Administrator Randy Partington.

Sanctuary territories have been accused of not holding an undocumented person when requested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an issue that came back into the spotlight after President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would strip so-called sanctuary cities of federal money.

Bascue, Partington and City Manager Matt Allen told The Telegram that Finney County, home to a diverse population of immigrants from Somalia, Burma, Mexico and several other countries, is in good standing and in full cooperation with the federal government on matters of immigration and expressed relief at the county’s removal from the CIS website.

With the removal, officials hope Garden City and Finney County will no longer be mislabeled as a jurisdiction that refuses to cooperate with federal authorities.