High Plains Outdoors: Dehydrated Hash Brown Potatoes

Dec 15, 2017

Each week, Luke brings us some fishing or hunting news from the great outdoors. Sometimes, like this week, he passes along little bits of information that makes the time we spend outdoors easier and more productive. This week, Luke gives a recipe for making dehydrated has hbrowns topped with cheddar cheese. 

For many years, Luke and many camp cooks have spent time during the early morning hours slicing and shredding potatoes for hash browns to go with the standard bacon and egg camp breakfast.

On an elk hunt up in the mountains a couple months ago, Luke first discovered dehydrated hash brown potatoes which he has started using instead of the "old faithful" method of pealing and shredding. Dehydrated potatoes are every bit as tasty as their "fresh" counterpart and much, much easier to prepare.