SCOTUS May Overturn The Sports Betting Ban But That Doesn’t Mean Sports Betting Is Coming To Texas

Dec 27, 2017

Credit Baishampayan Ghos / Wikimedia Commons

The United States Supreme Court may soon strike down a ban on sports betting that has existed for decades in many states.

But, as The Austin American-Statesman reports, that doesn’t mean Texas Panhandle residents will legally be able to call the local bookie and plop down a grand on the Cowboys anytime soon.  

Even if the Supreme Court overturns the laws, it’s unlikely that Gov. Greg Abbott and other Texas lawmakers will support the legalization of sports betting in Texas.

That’s despite the fact that a legalized sports betting apparatus could bring in additional revenue to the state of about $1.7 billion while creating almost 10,000 jobs.

But, critics charge that the move would bring an increase in the problems associated with gambling addiction. And the added bureaucratic red tape needed to oversee a new gambling industry would likely bring its own headaches.