Day Sponsorship

Being a Day Sponsor on HPPR is a great way to recognize someone or something special in your life. Four times during a day of your choice HPPR will air announcements acknowledging your support and whatever you choose to recognize on that day. For example, your recognition could be for a ...

  • Parent, grandparent, child or other relative
  • Friend, colleague or coworker
  • Business, non-profit organization or civic group

The day you choose could be a ...

  • Birthday, graduation day, wedding anniversary or death anniversary
  • A founding date or other historical event
  • A national holiday or day of recognition

Your recognition message can be of your special choosing. For example ...

  • HPPR's programming on this 8th day of September is made possible by Jenna Duran of Dodge City, Kansas in memory of her mother who lived a full life of love and dedication to her family and passed away on this date in 1993.
  • HPPR's programming on this 15th day of May is made possible by John and Andrea Larkspur of Amarillo, TX in honor of their son Edward's 21st birthday with best wishes for the years of adventure before him.
  • HPPR's programming on this St. Patrick's day is made possible by John O'Leary of Guymon, Oklahoma in recognition of all those of Irish descent on the High Plains, both past and present, and the work they have done to build the region's businesses, communities, churches and schools.
  • HPPR's programming on this 15th day of April is made possible by Arthur Coyne, CPA of Colby, Kansas in recognition of all taxpayers across the High Plains and their hard earned contributions to our society.

Eligibility for Day Sponsorship

Individuals and business that are HPPR members at a level of $500 or more per year are eligible to be day sponsors. The number of day sponsorships available varies with the membership level:

  • Partner $500 - 999): one Day Sponsorship
  • Pioneer ($1,000 - 2,499): two Day Sponsorships
  • Groundbreaker ($2,500 - 4,999): four Day Sponsorships
  • Trailblazer ($5,000 - 9,999): eight Day Sponsorships
  • Explorer ($10,000): 12 Day Sponsorships

If you are not currently a member of HPPR, you can join now on-line. To learn more about HPPR membership, including additional benefits at these membership levels, click here. And if you are already a member at one of these levels, check below for how to reserve your Day Sponsorship.

Reserving a Day Sponsorship

If you are currently eligible to be a day sponsor you can chose any of these reservation options:

  • Send a pre-formatted email to Valarie Smith at
  • Download, complete and mail a Day Sponsor Reservation form (PDF, Word) to Valarie Smith, Member Services Manager, HPPR, 210 North 7th Street, Garden City, KS 67846
  • Contact Valarie Smith directly at 800-678-7444 to discuss and arrange your sponsorship