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Miguel Rodriguez: Aquarela (Watercolor)—Gallery Show at HPPR Studios in Garden City


Don't miss the new exhibit on display at HPPR Studios in Garden City, KS. This show features artist Miguel Rodriguez in an exhibit called "Aquarela," which translates to "watercolor." The artist states, "For this show, I was inspired by birds. They represent freedom and grace. I am also fascinated by all of the colors and different shapes of their feathers." He decided to use watercolors due to the effect of the water and pigments and what they create on the page, depending on the layers. He continues, "On most of my works, I use abstract and organic shapes to create contrast and compositions." Miguel claims to be influenced by cubism and modern art masterpieces. His use of color comes from nature, and he prefers the bold, energtic hues that transmit energy. His use of texture, shape and color works to form synergy in all of his designs. For more information about his work, contact Miguel at 620.260.0384 or email him.