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Briefly: Kansas ranks poorly in a measure of elder care

Huffington Post UK

Overuse of antipsychotic drugs in some Kansas nursing homes endangering patients
Powerful antipsychotic drugs are used too much and inappropriately to manage the behavior of elders with dementia in under-staffed care facilities, according to reporting by the Kansas Health Institute. Kansas ranks 47th worse for use of these drugs. The drugs carry serious side-effects, and reports say as many as 1 in 12 elders taking antipsychotics die from use of the drugs for dementia.Survey: Dodge City in top 4 percent of small cities in economic strength
A new economic study ranks Dodge City 21st of 536 micropolitan areas, based upon measures of the "economic foundation of the community." Midwestern cities like Dodge City fared better in the Great Recession than places with economies heavy in finance and real estate, according to the Dodge City Daily Globe.

New regulations could end dispute over Kansas coal-fired power plant
The debate over whether a coal-fired power plant in southwest Kansas is built is not over yet. Sunflower Electric Power Corporation seems openly optimistic about the chances of getting the EPA to bend its rules to let them build an addition to their electricity generation plant near Holcomb, Kansas. Others say it can't happen under current regulation. More from the Kansas Health Institute.

Utility petitions court for eminent domain power
Mid-Kansas Electric Company wants to build a transmission line in Kansas from near Fort Dodge to Spearville, but some of the 38 landowners along the tract of land are holding out on selling land to the venture, owned by a handful of southwest Kansas electric cooperatives, reports the Dodge City Daily Globe.