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Texas Beef Council focuses on young eaters


The Texas Beef Council is turning its attention to attracting younger eaters.  The Texas Tribune reports beef consumption is down.  Gone are the days of Fred Flintstone rib eye slabs that were common in the 1970s.

Millennials have a more-informed palate, tend to dine out more often, and want healthier food options.  To attract these younger eaters, the Beef Council is exploring avenues like food and recipe apps, tailored “how-to” cooking events, and online videos.  They’re also exploring a delivery shift, leaving behind the traditional steak-house atmosphere for one of casual fine dining.

Jason Banta is a beef specialist and associate professor at Texas A&M.  He says, “Once you get them to be a consumer, eating, you expect that to continue the rest of their life.”

And, that’s exactly what the Texas Beef Council is hoping for.