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Colorado Helps U.S. Claim Title as World's Top Hop Producer

Joe Amon
The Denver Post

The United States has unseated Germany to become the top producer of hops in the world—thanks in large part to the efforts of Colorado.

As The Denver Post reports, the U.S. has regained the title of world hop leader for the first time in decades. Over the last two years, Colorado has experienced an estimated 166 percent increase in total acres of hops planted. The acreage serves to support the state’s more than 300 craft breweries.

Nationwide, there are now almost 54,000 acres of hops. That’s 9,000 more acres than in Germany, which has long been considered the world’s beer capital. Miller-Coors subsidiary AC Golden, purchases half the hops grown in Colorado for its line of Colorado Native beers.    

While Colorado is certainly doing its part, the state’s hop output pales in comparison to some states in the Pacific Northwest. For example, Washington state has an estimated 37,000 hop acres.