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Texas Politicians Push Back On White House Ethanol Mandate

Harry Wood
Flickr Creative Commons

Texas politicians are leaning on the Trump administration to ease up on a Federal mandate encouraging ethanol use in American automobiles, reports The Houston Chronicle.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was among a group of GOP lawmakers who met with Trump this week to ask the President to change the mandate.

Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it planned to increase the mandates for biofuels, in a response to pressure from corn-producing states like Kansas.

As a result, fossil-fuel rich states like Texas are pushing back. Both Texas senators, John Cornyn and Cruz, as well as Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, signed onto a letter in late October asking Trump to “discuss a pathway forward toward a mutually agreeable solution” on ethanol mandates. 

Trump has encouraged the senators to find a solution amenable to all parties involved.