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Colorado and Kansas Unemployment Rates See Little Movement In December

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The unemployment rate in Colorado and Kansas changed very little in December.

As Colorado Public Radio reports, Colorado’s unemployment rate increased by two-tenths of a percentage point from November to December - from 2.9 to 3.1 percent. But that’s actually good news because, according to the Department of Labor, the rate went up because more people entered the workforce.

Colorado's unemployment rate was among the lowest in the U.S. at one point and businesses were having difficulty filling jobs due to a lack of workers. Basically, the unemployment rate was too low, but as more people enter the workforce, the more that should even out.

In Kansas, meanwhile, the unemployment rate fell slightly from November to December – from 3.5 to 3.4 percent.

Labor Economist Emilie Doerksen said Kansas added 5,300 jobs in December and said most of that growth was in the private sector.

The national unemployment rate remained at 4.1 percent in December.