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Matt has been a reporter at KUT off and on since 2006.  He came to Austin from Boston, then went back for a while--but couldn't stand to be away--so he came back to Austin.  Matt grew up in Maine (but hates lobster), and while it might sound hard to believe, he thinks Maine and Texas are remarkably similar.

Chocolate can bring people together — as Ena Ganguly found when she stopped at a store in her hometown.

Earlier this year, we put out a call for your stories about overcoming differences — true stories about finding common ground.

Texas is among the states the U.S. Postal Service has warned about potential problems with delivering mail-in ballots this fall.

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Today is the last day to register to vote before the Nov. 3 election in Texas. Here’s what you need to know to register.

Lee esta historia en español. 

It's Election Day for the primary runoffs and the special election to replace state Sen. Kirk Watson, who announced in February that he was not seeking re-election. The runoffs were supposed to be in May, but were postponed because of the pandemic. 

The CDC has some simple guidelines to follow to protect yourself from the coronavirus if you plan to vote in person.

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Texas reportó más de 5,000 casos nuevos de coronavirus este martes, ya que los hospitales en algunas partes del estado empiezan a mostrar signos de tensión para mantenerse al día con la nueva propagación del virus.

El total de 5,489 casos del martes es un nuevo récord en un mes de cifras récord. Y por duodécimo día consecutivo, el estado ha reportado un número récord de hospitalizaciones por coronavirus: 4,092.

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that "lack of immunity" to the coronavirus is not a disability under state law that would qualify someone for a mail-in ballot. In the same ruling, the court acknowledged that county election clerks have no duty to question or investigate the disability of voters who claim it.

But if you’re curious about how you would even go about voting by mail (or if you’re eligible), here’s how it works.

Today is the last day to register to vote before the July 14 primary runoff elections in Texas. Here’s what you need to know to register.

It’s been a while since anyone’s been into a bar in Texas, so things are bound to feel weird when they’re allowed to reopen this Friday. Gov. Greg Abbott announced Monday they'd be allowed to open as long as they follow a set of minimum safety guidelines aimed at preventing further spread of the coronavirus.

So, if you’re going to go – and we're not encouraging you to – you should be aware of how things will work.

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Hace tiempo que nadie entra en un bar en Texas, así que las cosas se sentirán raras cuando se les permita reabrir este viernes. El gobernador Greg Abbott anunció este lunes que se les permitirá abrir siempre y cuando sigan una serie de pautas mínimas de seguridad para prevenir una mayor propagación del coronavirus.

Así que si vas a ir, y no te estamos animando a ello, deberías ser consciente de cómo funcionarán las cosas.

Texas has seen a noticeable increase in the number of coronavirus tests being reported by the Department of State Health Services over the past week. The state saw its largest one-day total for reported tests to date Wednesday – at more than 49,000 tests, about four times as many tests reported the day before.

Maria Hernandez isn’t a household name. She’s not famous. She was never a mayor or a congresswoman. But, her family says, the 91-year-old was tough.

Retail businesses can reopen in Texas today – as long as they’re only doing curbside or delivery. On Monday, Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to announce the next phase in the state’s loosening of restrictions put in place to contain the coronavirus.

But are we ready?

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Lo primero que debe saber sobre el rastreo de contactos es que se ha probado a través del tiempo. Y que se ha usado por mucho tiempo. Es una de las armas originales del arsenal de salud pública para combatir las enfermedades infecciosas. Se usaba antes de las vacunas. Antes que los antibióticos. Antes de que supiéramos la mayoría de las cosas que sabemos ahora sobre las enfermedades infecciosas.

When Brian Biehl found out Wednesday that he’d been furloughed from his job at a company that makes software for restaurants in Austin, the first thing he did was take his dog for a walk.

“You know, [to] kind of assess the situation,” he said.

Many Central Texans woke up Thursday morning to a delightful sight: a light covering of snow on roofs and cars. But after it melted, what was left was decidedly less delightful: a layer of grime on the car.

A federal judge in Washington state is overturning a settlement between the federal government and Austin-based Defense Distributed that allowed the company to publish plans for 3D-printable guns online last year. 

The Texas Transportation Commission on Thursday voted to adopt a goal of reducing traffic fatalities on the state's roadways by half by the year 2035 — and reducing them to zero by the year 2050. 

At least one person has died on Texas roads every day since Nov. 7, 2000. Despite efforts to “End the Streak,” as the Texas Department of Transportation puts it, the state still leads the nation in traffic deaths.

Fatalities did fall about 2% between 2016 and 2017, but more than 3,700 people died in 2017.

What’s that you say? There’s an election coming up? Yes!

Some smaller cities and towns in Central Texas will be voting on city council races, bond propositions and school board races on May 4.

Keeping track of federal court cases can be confusing even for reporters whose job it is to follow this stuff, let alone the general public.

Turnout was strong during early voting in Texas — more than 47 percent of registered voters in Travis County have already cast ballots.

With the registration deadline only three days away, Texans looking for voter-registration forms on the Secretary of State's website this weekend got an error message for nearly a day. Applications for mail-in ballots were also inaccessible. Information about who's running for office this November was also knocked offline.

Service was restored by late Saturday.

NOTE: The deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot for the Nov. 2018 election in Texas was Oct. 26 — thus, it is now too late to request one.

We got a question for our TX Decides project from Victoria, who asked:

I am registered in Bastrop County but am working in D.C. at the moment, is there a way to get a ballot?

The short answer is: Yes. You can vote by mail.

Oct. 9 is the last day to register to vote in the November elections in Texas. It’s also the last day to update your address if you’ve moved since the last time you voted.

The number of public school staff members armed as part of the school marshal program in Texas is set to more than double as the new school year begins.

Update: A federal judge in Seattle has issued a temporary restraining order stopping the designs for 3D-printable guns from being posted online.

Our original post continues:


Austin-based firm Defense Distributed published designs over the weekend for 3D-printable guns that can be fabricated at home and would be virtually untraceable. So far, thousands have downloaded the files, but a handful of attorneys general are seeking to block the firm’s ability to post the designs online.

Texas politicians have called on the Trump administration to end its policy of separating immigrant families crossing the border illegally, and are asking the state to stop assisting immigration authorities along the border until the policy ends. 

During early voting in the primaries, a theme developed around what was happening in Texas. The narrative became that Democrats ­– perhaps improbably – were outpacing Republicans at the polls. Gov. Greg Abbott and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz sounded the alarm to Republicans.