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Texans May Soon Bid Adieu To Lone Star And Pearl Beers

Wikimedia Commons

The future looks grim for a couple of iconic Texas beer brands.

As The Austin American Statesman reports, the beer company Pabst has entered into a feud with brewing behemoth Miller Coors, which could spell the end of Pabst.

Why should this matter to folks in the Texas Panhandle? Because Pabst owns Lone Star Beer,  lovingly referred to as the “National Beer of Texas.”  

Pabst also owns another legendary Texas beer, Pearl Beer, and the company was responsible for shutting down the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio in 2001. Since then, all of Pabst’s beers have been brewed by contract at Miller breweries.

Now, Miller Coors says it won’t renew Pabst’s contract except at a price that Pabst is unwilling to pay. Pabst is now suing Miller Coors, and the trial is expected to run through the end of the month. If Pabst loses, Texans may have to kiss their beloved Lone Star and Pearl goodbye.