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PECAN in a Nutshell

NSF, NOAA, NASA & U.S. Department of Energy

If you’ve spent any time in Southern United States, then one would expect you to be very well acquainted with the Pecan. However this rendition may be something completely new to you. The Plains Elevated Convection at Night, aka PECAN is a study aimed at understanding severe thunderstorms at night over the High Plains.

The study includes 8 research laboratories and 14 universities across the globe. The PECAN study in Oklahoma, Central Kansas and South-Central Nebraska will take place from June 1st to July 15th of this year.

According to an article published in the Earth Observing Laboratory. “PECAN will focus on nighttime convection in conditions with strong low-level winds… The findings should be applicable to other continental regions with strong nighttime thunderstorms.”