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Landowner Story: Managed Intensive Grazing on Birdwell and Clark Ranch

Luke Runyon/Harvest Public Media

Deborah Clark and her husband Emory apply the principles of holistic ranch management, and they use managed intensive grazing on their stocker cattle operation on 14,000 acres in north-central Texas. On this ranch, managed intensive grazing -- sometimes called "mob grazing" -- means some 5,000 cattle grazing a paddock 25 to 125 acres in size and moved four to six times daily. Holistic management demands that the practitioner think through tasks, processes and the deployment of assets not to "put pounds on cattle," but to remain laser-focused on a goal of profitability gained from efficiently-grazed cattle on an ever-improving healthy grass landscape.


Deborah Clark
Birdwell & Clark Ranch
Henrietta, TX

Dr. Grady Grissom, Ph.D.
Rancho Largo Cattle Co.
Fowler, CO

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