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Podcast sheds light on bison herd tug-of-war

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

There’s a tug-of-war happening in the western United States and the American bison is stuck in the middle.

While some are working to increase bison numbers in the western U.S., others are saying not so fast and the new podcast called Threshold is putting a spotlight on the tug-of-war.

As Colorado Public Radio reports, Threshold’s podcast features those on both sides of the issue.

According to Threshold’s website, the Yellowstone bison herd is managed under the Interagency Bison Management Plan (IBMP), under which hundreds are slaughtered every year. This winter, 900 are slated to be killed, almost 20 percent of the herd.

The website shares information about how those passionate about the future of bison in America can get involved with the way the IBMP is being rewritten.

As the website says, the IBMP is currently trying to reach an agreement about what kinds of alternatives will be considered in the new plan, narrowing down several possible courses of action to three or four options. There is no formal requirement for the public to be involved in this step of the IBMP process, which is moving very slowly, allowing people the chance to give input about it.

According to the website, Yellowstone bison are held in public trust so citizens have the right and responsibility to help decide how they should be managed.

The list of contact information and the Threshold podcast can be found at Threshold's website