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Texas: Both sides claim greenhouse ruling a victory

StateImpact Texas

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled on how much latitude the federal government has to regulate facilities that emit greenhouse gases.  Texas environmentalists who want more regulation and Texas state official who want less both say the ruling was a victory reported Dave Fehling for StateImpact Texas.

The action was brought by Texas and 16 other states.

Texas attorney general and candidate for governor, Greg Abbott, says the ruling, “overturn(ed) EPA’s Illegal greenhouse gas permitting scheme.”  He went on to say the Court “delivered a stern rebuke to the President.”

Clean air advocates question what Abbott is thinking.

James Marston is the Vice President for U.S. Climate and Energy at the Environmental Defense Fund.  He says it was not a victory for those who wanted less regulation.

“Oh my gosh, when you lose one suit after another you’re desperate to claim a victory anywhere, and I guess that’s what Attorney General Abbott did.”

“He lost big time — and lost tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money — suing to help polluters. Courts have turned him down time and time again. And again in this case,” said Marston. 

Abbott’s office responded in an email to StateImpact Texas: “To say that the State lost because the EPA can still regulate GHGs (greenhouse gases) completely ignores the Supreme Court’s significant constriction of the EPA’s regulatory power.”