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Unemployment remains low; not all quakes created equal


Kansas Chamber snubs seven Republicans in state House endorsements
The Kansas Chamber of Commerce announced candidates it's endorsing for Kansas House of Representatives in November, and some western Kansas Republicans are not included. Don Hineman of Dighton, J. Russell Jennings of Lakin, and John Doll of Garden City are among seven republicans not endorsed by the Chamber. All but one of the seven are running unopposed. In all of these races, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce opted not to endorse any candidate, according to reports by the Hutchinson News and Wichita Business Journal.Northwest Kansas shines in unemployment ratings
July's unemployment numbers show some unemployment as low as 2.5% in northwestern Kansas, reports the Hays Daily News. The state as a whole has gained in private-sector jobs and total non-farm jobs in the past year and also within the month since June's report.

Injection Well Earthquakes Feel Weaker Than Natural Ones, New Study Suggests
Earthquakes that are "generally acknowledged or suspected" of being triggered by injection wells subjectively feel less severe to observers when compared to natural quakes that register similarly in magnitude, according to a study from the U.S. Geological Survey. More from StateImpact Oklahoma.