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Amarillo State Rep. John Smithee to Seek Re-election


Amarillo state rep. John Smithee has been considering retirement for a few years. But now he plans to seek another two-year term in House District 86, reports Amarillo.com. Supporters say that, due to his seniority, Smithee’s reelection will mean the Texas Panhandle will hold clout in the state legislature.

Smithee said there are pressing issues he wants to work on. These urgent matters include legislation requiring local governments to enforce federal immigration laws. He also intends to deal with the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. And he hopes to continue his work on the Timothy Cole Commission, which reviews wrongful convictions.

It appears Smithee, who was first elected in 1984, will run unopposed again. He has never faced a Democratic challenger in a reelection campaign.