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League of Women Voters: Nebraska's Elections are Clean

RIck Ruggles
Omaha World-Herald

The League of Women Voters of Nebraska has weighed in on recent claims that the U.S. election system is rigged. The group called the rhetoric “unfounded and irresponsible.”

Kate High, a board member for the League of Women Voters in the Cornhusker State, wrote a letter to the Omaha World-Herald this weekend. In it, she said the league has great confidence in the integrity of Nebraska’s electoral system.

High noted that the U.S. election system contains many checks and balances, which serve to protect against manipulation. These include “pre-election testing of voting technology, the use of paper ballots, post-election audits and trained poll workers representing both parties at each polling station.”

High and the League of Women Voters encouraged Nebraskans to participate in the democratic process by becoming informed on the issues and voting.