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Despite Trump’s Promises, Repairing Infrastructure in Oklahoma Is No Easy Task

Joe Wertz
StateImpact Oklahoma

Since before he was elected, President Donald Trump has been touting a $1 trillion proposal to overhaul the infrastructure of the United States.

And as StateImpact reports, Oklahoma is one state that could see serious benefits from the plan, but Trump’s promise could also prove challenging for the Sooner State. That’s because no one’s quite sure how the President plans to pay for all those repaired roads and runways and bridges.

Even Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, a staunch Republican and a big-time supporter of Trump’s plan, admitted he wasn’t sure where the rubber meets the road with Trump’s infrastructure promises.

The GOP-led Congress has shown little interest in approving new spending and states like Oklahoma have found it difficult in the past to obtain funding for even the most meager infrastructure projects.