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Texas Governor Abbott Courts Hispanics In Reelection Bid

Gage Skidmore
Flickr Creative Commons

Greg Abbott, the current Governor of Texas, will be seeking another term next year.

But, as The Texas Tribune notes, to claim victory again, Abbott will need to build on the success he had with Latinos when he first ran for the office in 2014.

And success with Hispanic voters may be a tall order for a lawmaker who has openly supported controversial legislation banning “sanctuary cities.” And Abbott’s frequent support for the policies of President Donald Trump likely haven’t won him many new converts among the Latino population of the Lone Star State.

Abbott insists that, despite the current political environment, he still has room to make headway with Hispanics. And he may be right. The governor is currently running without any major Republican primary opponents and the Democrats have failed to come up with even a single candidate to challenge the current state leader.