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Texas AG Reignites Efforts To Curb Voter Fraud

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says he plans to continue his crusade to curb what he calls an epidemic of voter fraud in Texas, reports The Texas Observer.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General remains under felony indictment for allegedly violating state securities law. Paxton sent a letter to the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Election Integrity this week, in which he outlined his plan to purge voter rolls of non-citizens and to ensure that voters aren’t registered in multiple states.

He also plans to make the punishment for voter fraud harsher, and to require that any person requesting an absentee ballot have photo identification on file with the state. This last provision was inspired by Wisconsin's voter ID law, which is the most restrictive in the nation.

Despite Paxton’s claims, evidence of voter fraud in Texas remains negligible. Critics insist these measures are an effort to suppress the minority vote.