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This Election May Destablilize Oklahoma's Single-Party System

Wikimedia Commons

Oklahoma has been living under single-party rule for years. President Trump won Oklahoma by 36 points, taking every single county in the state in 2016. Meanwhile, Republicans have supermajorities in both houses of the Legislature, and they hold every statewide office and all the congressional seats.

But, as The New York Times reports, the Republican Party’s vicelike grip on the Sooner State has come with its share of pitfalls, including internal feuds and purges. Now, there are signs of a Democratic awakening in Oklahoma. And this Tuesday, the GOP’s top-to-bottom control of the state looks to be in jeopardy.

To be fair, there’s little chance of a blue wave happening in Oklahoma. But the Governor’s seat may flip to the Dems on Tuesday. And in one Oklahoma City congressional district, the Democratic challenger has substantially outraised the Republican incumbent.

Much of the unrest can be traced to this year’s teacher’s strike. As the Times notes, “women in ruby-red suburbs are [now] working the phone banks for Democrats.”