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Oklahoma Lawmakers Announce Budget Deal, Includes Teacher Pay Raises

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After much drama and haggling, Oklahoma lawmakers are moving forward with a state budget.

As The Oklahoman reports, the $8.3 million budget is the largest in state history. The deal includes more than $200 million in new funding for schools and pay raises for teachers and state employees. Ninety-seven percent of Oklahoma teachers can expect an average pay raise of around $1,220.

Governor Kevin Stitt has said the teacher pay raises will make Oklahoma the highest ranking state in the region for teacher pay. But that’s only true if none of Oklahoma’s neighboring states raise teacher pay this year. If any of Oklahoma's surrounding states offers pay raises to educators this year, Oklahoma could fall in the rankings.

The proposed budget also raise pay by $2 per hour for corrections officers, up from the current $13.74 per hour.

The final budget will also put $200 million into the state’s savings accounts.