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Pantex Plant Reaches Collective Bargaining Agreement with Union


The contractor that oversees management of Pantex has reached an agreement with a union that represents workers there,reports Amarillo.com.Pantex, located outside of Amarillo, is the nation’s only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility. Consolidated Nuclear Security, the contractor that oversees management of Pantex, agreed to terms last month with the West Texas Building Trades and Construction Council.

The contract is a three-year collective bargaining agreement that will be effective until February of 2019. The WTBTCC is an umbrella organization that represents 10 unions, and the group has a total of 17 members employed at Pantex.

The workers perform construction at the plant, including upgrading and refurbishing older buildings and components. Of the almost 650 buildings at Pantex, many were built in 1942 when plant operations began.