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Could More Meat-Free Alternatives Be Coming to Your Local Cafeteria?

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Meatless Mondays may be coming to a school near you. A new initiative by the Humane Society of the United States hopes to change the way folks eat—and the project is gaining steam. In 2011, reports Politico, Kristie Middleton started the Humane Society’s meatless transition team. Since then her group has gotten 200 school districts across the country to reduce their meat offerings.

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy, for example, has cut its meat consumption by as much as 10 percent in three years. The Humane Society won victories in recent years fighting the battle for cage-free chickens. Now, meat-free alternatives are where they’re focusing their efforts. The group targets massive companies who feed thousands of people a day, and tries to convince them to provide more meat-free alternatives.

These wholesalers in turn promote the meat-free alternatives, giving buyers more choices and more freedom.