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Holiday Travel Reminder: It’s Illegal To Drive Slowly In The Left Lane In Texas

Wikimedia Commons

If you’re traveling through Texas this holiday season and planning to use the left lane, here’s a friendly reminder from KHOU in Houston: It is illegal in the State of Texas to drive slowly in the left lane.

Many Texans aren’t aware of the law, as it’s not enforced often. But according to state law, you should always drive in the right lane unless you’re passing another car.

It’s not uncommon in the Texas Panhandle for motorists to drive at a snail’s pace in the passing lane or drive at the same speed as the car in the lane next to them. Both of these actions can lead to accidents, not to mention fuming drivers who are trapped behind the left-lane slowpoke.

Austin Police Department Detective Patrick Oborski confirmed that the left lane law can carry expensive citations when not followed, with a punishable fine of up to $500.

“People don't realize that if you're in the left-hand lane, you're a traffic hazard,” Oborski said.