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Gov. Mary Fallin: Oklahoma’s Alert System Has Safeguards To Prevent Another Hawaii Mishap

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Oklahoma’s Gov. Mary Fallin says a false emergency alert like the one that happened in Hawaii last weekend would not be possible in the Sooner State, reports KOKI.

The Governor insisted that safeguards are in place in Oklahoma to prevent such a mishap. Last Saturday in Hawaii, noted Fallin, an employee accidentally hit a live-alert button during a routine test. The button triggered an incoming ballistic missile warning to citizens throughout the state.

But in Oklahoma, says the Governor, “safeguards . . . ensure that when a warning message is issued Oklahomans should indeed begin to take precautions.” Oklahoma hasn’t issued an emergency alert since January of 2011 when a massive blizzard stranded motorists on highways across the state. Oklahoma officials say the alert system is tested monthly.