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Amarilloans March To Oppose Gun Violence

Jenny Inzerillo

A large crowd of marchers made their way through downtown Amarillo this weekend, in hopes of spurring action among lawmakers to tighten gun restrictions.

As KVII reports, Amarillo's March for our Lives protest was part of a larger worldwide movement, with the largest march happening on the mall in the nation's capital.

In Amarillo, the crowd made their way from Elwood Park to the Potter County Courthouse, where they mounted the steps and chanted, "We want action, no more thoughts and prayers."

The march was organized by students from Caprock High School. Angel Contreras, one of the students at the protest, told KVII, "Thoughts and prayers, they're not getting us anywhere as a country."

Meanwhile, Texas Senator John Cornyn is supporting a bill that would expand background checks for citizens attempting to buy weapons.