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Wildfires Blaze Across Texas Panhandle And Oklahoma


Wildfires ravaged much of Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle this weekend.

As KFOR reports, fire crews from neighboring states like Louisiana and Arkansas—and as far away as Florida—sped toward the Sooner State and the Lone Star State to try to quell the blazes. Hundreds of thousands of acres burned, including 7,000 acres in Wheeler County, and at least one life was lost in the Oklahoma fires.

Army National Guard troops remained on standby for much of the weekend. Oklahoma attorney general Mike Hunter but the Emergency Price Stabilization Act into place, ensuring that prices for goods and services would not skyrocket as a result of the fire emergency. Donations are being accepted for wildfire relief funds established by the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Foundation, Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Foundation, and the Oklahoma Farmers Union Foundation.