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Trump’s Aid Package Draws Mixed Reaction From Farmers

Public Domain via Pexels

Last week, the Trump Administration announced a $12 billion relief package to America’s farmers, hoping to ease the fallout from retaliatory tariffs imposed by China, the EU, Mexico, and Canada.

Roy Lindsey of the Oklahoma Pork Council says the aid package is a sign that the president is following through on his promises.

Lindsey told KGOU that the Oklahoma pork industry exports 28 percent of its product and depends on trade for future growth.

Meanwhile, the US Chamber of Commerce disagrees that Trump’s policies are a good idea, with US Chamber President Tom Donohue saying, “We should seek free and fair trade, but this is just not the way to do it.”

The National Farmers Union also released a statement, saying the White House’s relief program "will only put a small dent in the overall damage” caused by Trump’s trade wars. The organization noted the financial loss to soy, corn, and wheat farmers in the month of June alone would exceed the $12 billion promised in the aid package.