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Amarillo Nonprofits Help Animals In Need

Public Domain via Picryl

The month of August will mean some good news for the four-legged citizens of Amarillo.

First off, a new low-cost pet clinic will open on August 5. The P.E.T.S. clinic, located at 2500 SW 6th Ave., will provide low-cost spaying and neutering, as well as vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, wellness exams and other services.

The clinic’s aim is to diminish the area’s stray population, while lowering rates of intake and euthanasia at local shelters. To date, the two other P.E.T.S. clinics (in Wichita Falls and Graham) have made over 55,000 spay and neuter procedures possible.

Meanwhile, the Street Dog Coalition will hold a clinic on August 13 in the parking lot of Faith City Mission, downtown. At their free clinics, the Street Dog Coalition offers basic veterinary care to the pets of Amarillo’s homeless population.