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Mysterious, Synchronized Drones Spotted In Eastern Colorado, Southwest Nebraska Plains

CC BY 2.0
Marco Verch https://flickr.com/photos/160866001@N07/48900413426/
A photo of a group of drones taken by March Verch.

Mysterious drones have been the talk of rural Colorado and Nebraska since before Christmas – prompting a federal investigation and garnering national and international attention. But there are still no answers.

As The New York Times reports, large drones with blinking lights and wingspans of up to six feet have been flying in precise formations over the Colorado and Nebraska prairie. And no one knows whose they are or why there are there.

Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration said multiple FAA divisions and government agencies are investigating the reports. 

The drone sightings started in northeast Colorado around mid-December and more frequent sightings have been reported since then. Almost all the sightings have occurred between sunset and about 10 p m.

That has prompted people on the plains to wonder – do the drones belong to the government? The cartel? Perhaps an oil and gas company? No one knows.

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