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Amarillo couple’s honeymoon becomes the rest of the story


Half a century ago, Tony and Claudia Price were two 18 year old kids on their honeymoon in Oklahoma City.  The Texas pair returned home with priceless story that went viral—the old fashioned way according to the Amarillo Globe News

Claudia was telling the tale of someone unlocking their door the first night, being robbed and carjacked, reporting the crime herself because motel personnel didn’t know how to call the cops, and within 10 minutes the police making the arrest at the local drug store. 

Newsman Bob Izzard was listening. 

The reporter wrote the story, the Associated Press picked it up, and a few days later, the duo heard Paul Harvey telling the story of an Amarillo couple having an Oklahoma honeymoon they won’t forget.

Tony says the incident made them love each other more, and want to take care of each other more.  And, it also taught them to be careful.

The couple plans a 50th anniversary celebration. 

Will they return to Oklahoma City?  National Geographic did name it the “Best Trip” of 2015.