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Nebraska's Pierce County Fair Provides Opportunities for Young Cowhands

Grant Gerlock
Harvest Public Media

Grant Gerlock at Harvest Public Media has written a dispatchfrom the Pierce County Fair in Nebraska, where he checked in with Emily Lambrecht, a 17-year-old 4-H and FFA exhibitor who has spent months preparing for the fair. Lambrecht has been showing animals since 2009, and this year she once again showed calves from her family’s herd. Emily has trained the animals to walk with a rope halter, like a dog on a leash. Emily says she doesn’t just compete to win ribbons; she enjoys working with the animals and getting to know her fellow competitors.

“I just like running into people with my animals,” she said. “We both know how much time and work goes into these animals and that we both love it no matter what happens. Everyone wants purples, but it doesn’t matter. It should be between you and your animal. If you love it, it should be between you and your animals.”