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Tips to Keep Your New Year's Resolution Going Strong


We love making resolutions around this time of year. But we also know that our good intentions often collapse. Quartz.com has some helpful hints this New Year to keep your resolution going strong. In her book Better than Before, Gretchen Rubin suggest five tips to help you create new habits.

First, monitor yourself. Keep a journal of your progress, for example.

Second, make a schedule. Seeing your new task on the calendar will help you keep to it.

Third, convenience. Go to a gym near your house, for example. A few blocks can make a big difference.

Fourth, pair the new task with something you enjoy. For example, treat yourself to a glass of wine while you practice the piano.

And finally, watch out for loopholes. Your brain will try to convince you to take a day off. Don’t let yourself off the hook.