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Cheese Bandit Strikes Again!

Kevin Romero
Via AP

In an unconscionable act that has a community reeling, a nefarious thief has stolen 19 cases of provolone from an eatery in Pueblo, Colorado. The Topeka Capital-Journalreports that the loss amounts to $2,000 worth of cheese.

The thief broke through padlocks on a freezer at the Do Drop Inn to get to the cheese. The thief didn’t take anything else.

This isn’t the first time the “provolone poacher” has struck, but this time an image of the fiend was captured on camera. The manager of the Do Drop Inn, Kevin Romero, said this is at least the third time cheese has been stolen from the restaurant in the last month and a half.

He thinks the provolone poacher is selling the cheese to other restaurants.